February 01, 2013

Asean NCAP crash test - 1st Batch of Result !

 Malaysian Institute of Road Safety and Research (MIROS) has announced the result of the first batch of ASEAN NCAP (ASEAN New Car Assessment Programme). Note that the result (stars) you see above is solely based on frontal collision crash test, unlike EuroNCAP which incorporated frontal, side, pedestrian and child protection rating into the overall rating.

 The best performer in this round of crash test goes the Ford Fiesta, gaining 5 stars for adult occupant protection (AOP) and 66% for child occupant protection (COP). To qualify for a maximum of 5 stars for AOP, the car has to be fitted with at least 2 airbags (the Fiesta has 7), equipped with Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) and front occupant seatbelt reminder.

The next best performer is the Honda City, garnered also 5 stars in AOP, and 81% in COP. However, the 5 stars rating is only applicable to City equipped with Honda's Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). In some countries (including Grade S in our country), City without the feature is considered has 4 stars.

Perhaps that's why Toyota Vios could only get 4 stars instead of 5 because it is not equipped with Toyota's Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). Vios obtained 48% in COP, one of the lowest in the group.

It is disappointing to see Perodua Myvi (2nd gen) could only get 3 stars in AOP. As you can see the A-pillar of the Myvi has been severely deformed, not a good sign for good survival space and structural integrity in a crash. Thankfully, 2 airbags are standard for every variant of 2nd gen. Myvi ever since the first day of sales.

The Saga FLX that received 3 stars in AOP is an upcoming Saga FLX + variant, which comes with 2 airbags as standard. The standard Saga FLX received only 1 star in AOP (with 1 airbag), a huge disappointment. Nevertheless, 3-star is not something that should be proud of and Proton should make every model to perform at least 4 stars in AOP, regardless it's an entry level model or not.
Other crash tested cars were the 4-star Nissan March and 2-star Hyundai i10, where it is weird for the latter to only receive 2 stars while it received 4 stars in EuroNCAP with even more stringent test.

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*Update: A reader pointed out that Vios received 4 stars in AOP because it is awarded 13.61 out of 16 points, where a minimum of 14 points has to be awarded to be eligible for 5 stars rating.
Nissan March is tested with only driver airbag but received 4 stars in AOP, this proves that March's rigid body is the factor of the commendable rating. In other words, March with 1 airbag is safer than Myvi with 2 airbags.

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kadajawi said...

You need at least 14 points out of 16 to be eligible for 5 stars, + ESP and 2 airbags. The Vios was around 13 points, which is only enough for 4 stars.

The Myvi barely got 3 stars, while the Saga FLX+ almost got 4, but missed it.

EuroNCAP tested the i10 as an A segment car, and ASEAN NCAP tested it as a B segment car. The ratings are only really comparable within the same class of cars, so of course compared to B segment cars the i10 loses, where it should actually be compared to cars like the Kancil or Viva (against which it would clearly win).

SiMon Har said...

Kadajawi: Thanks for sharing your insight :) Appreciate it!

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