August 10, 2010

TX5 Event & 刘界辉 @ Sunway Lagoon !!!

I've decided to keep this post short with plenty of pictures!

On a beautiful Saturday morning (7/8/10)... And there was I, together with Gan at Sunway Lagoon to attend the 'My Water Moments with TX5' event! xD

They closed the whole Malli Cove just for us :)

Reached the registration counter early but it was not ready yet ~.~ So we snapped a few pics to upload into Facebook commemorate the event!

Saw Timothy Tiah and FourFeetNine (carrying a Lilo & Stitch bag) while queuing!

After a half an hour queue, we finally arrived at Malli Cove!! The female hosts was urging everyone to get wet in the water!

We played games in team. Guess what? I was in the same team with Tian Chad, Jacquelyn, Suresh and Hafez!

Temperature proof station!

Shock proof station!

Dust proof station! That's me!

I even got to the chance to try out a new attraction in Sunway! 'Flow Rider'!!! It's fun!

While waiting for the result, Juztin Lau or 刘界辉, the 1st runner up of Astro Star Quest 2009 performed 3 of his songs!

Gan and me!

Finally, a picture of me with Juztin!!!

One thing good about camera event is free photo printing! All photos snapped by TX5 on that day can be printed out using Sony's photo printer! Not to mention TX5 can snap pics underwater!

Too bad tat we couldn't find our group photo :(
Not to mention the new bungy jumping attraction which cost RM70 (if I didn't remember wrongly) per person!

*Update! Finally I got the group photo! Woohoo!

From left: Suresh, me, Jacquelyn, Tian Chad and Hafez!

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Janice said...

haha looks fun! =D

CaDLyNN said...


SiMon Har said...

if got win something lagi best!

eminey626 said...

arggghhh!!! juztin!!!!! XD envy aaa LOL!

carmen said...

i was there too!!!
the event was awesome!i was in group C1.too bad..cant win anything.but at least we had fun.n free entry to

M-Knight said...

wah!! so much fun wish I can be there as well...but busy at that time...

SiMon Har said...

there's always next time M-Knight!

theeggyolks said...

man! that's fun!! too bad I'm in Sarawak :(

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