September 13, 2012

iPhone 5 unveiled !

 I'm sure plenty of smartphone users are aware that the iPhone 5 has been unveiled last night (midnight to be exact). Of course, each new generation device, similar to cars, is better than the old one. As you can see from above, those are the changes and improvement made in the iPhone 5.The aluminium-back body is certainly a huge welcome as it looks more elegant and should be nice to touch as well.

 A quick glance will notice the iPhone 5's screen is longer than iPhone 4S, measuring at 4-inch with retina display compared to 3.5-inch on the 4S. However, the width of the phone has remained the same, so that we can perform task on the phone with one hand comfortably. Users with small hands would certainly appreciate this a lot! Eventhough the dimension has increased, the 5 weights 112g, which is 20% lighter as well as with a thickness of 7.6mm, a 18% reduction compared to its predecessor.

Other noticable improvement includes the iOS6, A6 chip with better performance and battery consumption, 8MP camera with faster shutter speed, better low light performance and built-in panaromic app, lightning adapter and 4G LTE which gives us faster browsing speed.

It is planned to be released in Malaysia later this year. Would love to check it out once it's here!

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