September 03, 2012

Volvo V40 set EuroNCAP New Top Score!

When it comes to safety, Volvo is second to none. Just recently where a Volvo S60 received a Good rating in a new kind of stringent crash test by IIHS, Volvo V40 garnered a 5-star crash safety rating by EuroNCAP. More good news, the V40 has the best result ever tested in EuroNCAP! With the almost perfect 98% adult occupant rating and 88% for pedestrian safety, these are the top scores ever given by EuroNCAP to a car!

The impressive pedestrian safety performance is due to the innovative design of the front end where it has pop-up bonnet as well as pedestrian airbag that raises the rear portion of the bonnet as it inflates to cover the windscreen and A-pillars.The airbag will greatly reduces the injury of the pedestrian's head when collision between the car and pedestrian is imminent. 

Other than that, the V40 has technology like Pedestrian Protection to help detect pedestrians in front of the car, warn the driver of the 'hazards' (pedestrians, that is) by emitting sound and will perform automatic braking if the driver couldn't react in time. Other safety features such as Volvo City Safety and Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) are available as standard and this enables the V40 to achieve 100% in Safety Assist.

However, the V40 is awarded with 75% for the child occupants, which is lower when compared to other cars' child occupant result released in the same batch such as Ford B-Max and Kia Cee'd. But still, the result is considered good. 

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