October 24, 2012

2012 Lexus LS460L Launched in Malaysia !

Lexus Malaysia has launched the new Lexus LS460L at the Lexus Centre located in Mutiara Damansara. Note the word 'new' used to describe the LS460L because it is not exactly an all-new car, where the new LS460L is based on the old LS460L, but with 3000 new parts and bolder design. I must say the most prominent change lies at the spindle grille design, which gives the LS a more aggressive styling. Spindle grille can also be found on other current Lexus models such as the RX and GS.

To compare with its pre-facelift model, this LS460L has sharper looking front end. Some might say it looks more futuristic as well, thanks to the daytime running light that runs along with the upper curve of the spindle grille and LED fog lights.

It's a beautiful scene... Not to mention the almost flat engine bay, completely sealed for tidiness and better sound insulation.

There are three variants launched: LS460/LS460L, LS460 F Sport and LS600hL. LS460/LS460L shares the same 4.6 litres V8 engine which produces 380bhp at 6400rpm and 493Nm at 4100rpm with the LS460 F Sport. The LS600hL is a hybrid car with a 5.0 litre V8 engine and electric motor which has the combined output of 438bhp.

The gigantic 19-inch alloy wheel on the LS460L!

The L-shape light strips make the rather unexciting rear end more interesting to be looked at.

Lexus engineers have worked hard in reducing wind noise in the cabin, as a result, conversation clarity in the rear seats now rates at almost 100% when the LS is travelling at 100km/h! Wind noise is also nearly non-existence thanks to the change of material for the roof trim as well as the addition of aero fins to the door mirror!

It's a long car! The wheelbase for LS460 and the LS460L are 2969mm and 3091mm respectively, I'm sure even the short wheelbase LS460 has more than enough cabin space to stretch our legs inside!

As the flagship of Lexus, the LS460L's cabin is made with the most premium materials and everywhere felt it is built to last and high quality. The most interesting part of the interior must be the new Shimamoku finish (which is the wood finishing on the steering wheel). It involves layering of angle-cut dark and light shaded wood veneers in a process which requires 67 manufacturing steps for 38 DAYS! This shows that Lexus put quality as its priority.

The rear seats can be adjusted independently and electronically so that the two passengers at the back can sit comfortably in their own position's preference. To make sure the passengers inside are comfy in the ever varying weather of Malaysia (and some other countries), the LS460L is equipped with an enhanced cooling system where there are 13 infrared sensor placed around the cabin to sense the passengers' body temperature and adjust the climate control accordingly. Cool huh?

Although the LS460 F Sport and LS600hL are launched at the same time, they were, unfortunately, not displayed during the launch. Price wise, the LS460, LS460L, LS460 F Sport and LS600hL are priced OTR without insurance at RM788k, RM878k, RM818k and RM1,068,000 respectively.

By the way, the event came with awesome food as well!

Check out some of the studio shots of the Lexus LS:

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