October 07, 2012

Review: New iPad

At the moment I receive the New iPad (in the box), I hesitated for a while. "Is it the New iPad or iPad 1?" This is because 'iPad' is written on the box instead of 'New iPad'. Moreover, it's almost impossible to differentiate the New iPad with its predecessor, iPad 2 from the outside. This doesn't help by the imprinted 'iPad' wording at the back of the New iPad either.

After a quick check in the Internet, the New iPad is actually thicker by 0.6mm and heavier by 50g. Width and height remained the same. It is more of a facelift like the iPhone 4S rather than an all-new model. However, the more prominent changes are in the inside...

Turn on the display and those who are familiar with iPad 2 will notice the differences. The screen resolution is clearer, thanks to the 2048X1536 resolution in the 9.7-inch display as well as Apple's Retina Display. The processor has been upgraded to A5X, which promises better performance than iPad 2's A5 processor. I found myself admiring the smoothness of the screen by flicking the homepages often!  
The size of the New iPad compared to a fullscape paper.

Gaming wise, no complaint. The New iPad is awesome in producing entertaining gaming sessions with its vivid screen and fast processor. I will have more fun if the games in App Store can be downloaded for free! XD Unfortunately, the New iPad will heat up pretty fast after a few minutes of gaming.
Thickness of the New iPad compared to a magazine.

Camera wise, the New iPad excels when the amount of light is abundant. However, the New iPad is not a performer under low light condition, and left me wanting of a LED to brighten things up when the environment gets a little dark. New iPad can record videos in 1080p up to 30fps, quite good for a tablet I would say.

After a week of usage, the battery life of the New iPad is found to be quite long lasting. A fully charged battery can last for roughly 2 days, where it was used to play games and online. By the way, fiddling the home button and other buttons available on the New iPad felt more solid than before. In spite of this, it is advisable not to use the home button too much, current Apple users should know what is the reason...

+ Clear screen, swift processor, gaming, battery.
- Almost similar exterior design compared to iPad 2, camera, heats up pretty fast.

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