November 11, 2012

COTY2U 2012 @ Matrade

COTY2U autoshow is back for 2012! Let's see what it had installed for the public.

Mercedes launched the SL350 in the COTY2U 2012 event! The SL350 is one of the best looking cars available in the event. Selling at RM890k!

With the help from Sultan of Johor, 5 generations of SL were successfully acquired and displayed in a row!

Green cars such as hybrids and electric vehicle (EV) were displayed near the entrance of the Matrade building.

Chevrolet Volt, an EV, returned to COTY2U autoshow for 2nd consecutive year.

Another EV, Nissan Leaf was displayed. If you are lucky, you'll get to see a Leaf on our road (not the green one) because few lucky ambassadors were chosen by Nissan Malaysia to own the Leaf for six weeks!

Every autoshow will surely have its pageant queens!

"Oh my, I'm sorry that your friend on the right has lost one of its foot in a crash!" It's my first encounter with crash test dummies!

Die-cast models of exotic cars and also Malaysia's Evo police car! Priced quite dearly, unfortunately...

COTY2U 2012 also featured some upcoming car models, for instance, the Chevrolet Sonic which is going to be launched anytime soon.

Chevrolet Orlando, a MPV.

Mitsubishi Mirage, launching at end of this month.

Finally the Kia Rio!

After all the great stuff, it's time for some bad ones. First of all, I noticed there were lesser choices of car models available for test drive compared to last year. Lastly, visitor had to park at the nearby mosque, court and Publika (but has free shutter bus to fetch visitors from these places to Matrade) because the huge parking space in Matrade's compound is closed for construction.

I parked at the court (because Publika charges parking fee and not familiar of where the entrance to the mosque is), but I don't know where to wait for the bus due to inadequate signage! Then I have no choice but to drive back into Matrade to look for a parking space (which took me half an hour to do so). I saw many parked on the road side just outside of Matrade compound though. Very inconvenient to the visitors...

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