December 22, 2012

5th-gen Daihatsu Move facelifted - With Collision Avoidance System !

The 2th-generation Daihatsu Move is the platform used for our very own Perodua Kenari, but since then, no replacement has been done for Kenari while Japan's Daihatsu has introduced the facelift version of its fifth generation Move. Categorized as a kei-car, Move's overall length and width are at the category's maximum of 3395mm and 1475mm respectively. Thus, car manufacturers with kei-car develop ways to increase the cabin space, and one of it is by increase the overall height of the car.

Thanks to better and more modern styling, the 5th-gen Move hides its height (1620mm) well, unlike our Kenari which look like a vertical matchbox. JDM Move comes with an option of Move Custom, with sportier bumper and alloy wheels design. Move is powered a 660cc engine which produces 52PS at 6800rpm and 60Nm of torque at 5200rpm. Fuel efficiency rated at 29km/l, which is very impressive. Move Custom has two engine options (if I didn't interpret its spec sheet wrongly, which is in Japanese language), first is the one found in Move and second is a turbocharged 660cc engine which churns out 64PS at 6400rpm and 92Nm at 4000rpm.

The highlight of the Move is the cabin. With limited width and length requirement, manufacturers used techniques such as making the door panels thinner, moving the dashboard further down the front end and lowering the floor height as methods to increase the cabin space. As a result, Move's cabin is 2130mm long, 1280mm tall and 1350mm wide. As a comparison, our 2th-gen Myvi's cabin length, height and width are 1850mm, 1265mm and 1380mm respectively. It's amazing to see smaller car can have a comparable cabin size isn't it?

Another highlight of the Move Facelift is the introduction of collision avoidance system - first in Kei-car category. Kei-cars in Japan are fitted with plenty of safety features regardless of their price and size. 6 airbags and stability programme are not a rare sight in a Kei-car. 

Hopefully this Move will be the replacement of Perodua Viva in the future!

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Extended warranties are only good if they are from the manufacturer, still read it closely. All of the others have too many fine print exclusions, they're a complete waste of money.

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