December 10, 2012

JinnyBoyTV @ KDU Registration Week !

I started to pay attention to JinnyBoyTV after watching one of its videos with the latest Ford Focus performing auto parking in it. Then, I had a chance to meet Jin and Reuben, the men who created JinnyBoyTV, and of course I didn't let the opportunity slip away! It was one of KDU's registration week events with meet and greet, Q&A and autograph session with JinnyBoyTV.

KDU is a hub with students from over 45 countries throughout the world, all there to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to help them face the fast-changing world. KDU may have grown in size, but its commitment remains the same: to provide quality education with a tagline of 'Driving Dreams'. The registration weeks of KDU, Damansara Jaya Campus run from 1st December to 23rd December 2012, with fantastic offers such as:
  • RM1000 tuition fee waiver (only on 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th Dec 2012).
  • RM300 registration fee waiver.
  • RM500 for recommending a friend.

Ok, back to JinnyBoyTV! Below are Jin and Reuben, founders and masterminds of JinnyBoyTV! Jin arrived at the venue earlier than the event start time to do the setup and make sure everything is in order, kudos!

The host did a great job in hosting the sharing session too! On a side note, Jin and Reuben love the root beer from Australia very much!

If you guys had watched some of JinnyBoyTV's productions, you'll know that Jin and Reuben are good in joking and speak funnily, and that's the reason why Jin's voice is so distinctive on too! I wish I recorded the part where Jin imitated Spongebob's voice after seeing one of the fans wearing a Spongebob t-shirt! It was HILARIOUS!

*Sneak peek!* JinnyBoyTV previewed a short video which is haven't released to the public yet! And it's featuring GREYSON CHANCE! Based on the picture alone, I guess some of you might have guessed that the video is related to posting food pics in Instagram! #chickenchop

There was an autograph session right before the sharing session ends. Of course, everyone (including me) took the opportunity to take a photo together with both Jin and Reuben! Thanks to Michelle Leong for taking this photo for me! *Some said I look muscular in the pic XD*

Looking forward for more great stuff from JinnyBoyTV, and keep up the good work guys!

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