February 19, 2013

What To Expect in 2013 !

2013 is set to be an exciting year for the automotive sector (so does past years!). Below are some of the models that will be launched in 2013 (in no particular order).

1. Proton Preve Hatchback:

Proton Preve is no longer a stranger in Malaysia now and its hatchback sibling is going to be launched soon! Since Preve Sedan is already a pretty good car in terms of handling, we can expect same (if not better) level of handling offer by the hatchback! This is imperative since its close competitors will be the Lancer Hatchback and Ford Focus, where both are pretty capable in performance and handling.

 2. 3rd gen. Toyota Vios:

The aging Vios is in need of a replacement - and it's getting one! Spotted in Thailand earlier this month, the 3rd generation Toyota Vios carries a much better styling and looks slightly bigger than the outgoing model it replaces. Hopefully it is priced competitively against the likes of B-segment sedan and also equipped with more features.

3. Kia Forte K3:

The outgoing Kia Forte shocked the market with its revolutionary styling and long list of equipment, something which we didn't expect to see in a Korean car. The latest generation Forte K3 will take things further to be more competitive in the tough C-segment sedan market, with even better design and might be laden with more features!

4. Volkwagen Golf MK7:

Volkswagen Golf Mk6 has been selling well all over the world, and Malaysia is no exception. In a blink of an eye, Volkswagen rolled out the Golf Mk7, promises even better performance, handling and comfort than its predecessor. Golf Mk7 received positive feedback of most of the automotive journalists who had driven the Mk7, proving that it's a capable car in many aspect.

Last but no least number 5. Mitsubishi i-MiEV from the 'green' sector:

Mitsubishi had announced that the i-MiEV, which is an all-electric car, will be launched in Malaysia in the form of CKD in 2013. It's a peppy little city car with spacious cabin for four and a range of 160km with full charge. Check out my driving impression of the i-MiEV here. Unfortunately, there is still no news on subsidy for electric car and this might set the pricing around RM150k to own an i-MiEV.

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