May 16, 2013

W222 Mercedes-Benz S-Class unveiled !

Mercedes Benz S-Class, a symbol of power, wealth and luxury. A S-Class will appear in everyone's mind when asked about the car a CEO would be chauffered in. The W222 is quite a looker, especially with the AMG Sport Package above. Stylish and luxurious at the same time. Slightly larger in every dimension, the W222 still managed to get a coefficient of drag of 0.24 - even better than a Prius.

Name me a car where its tailgate line is separated from its tailights other than the W222 S-Class. None that I could think of has such dainty design feature. Taillights resemble its predecessor's, but with uniquely styled LED lights.

As the flagship of Mercedes-Benz, the whole car is loaded with goodies. Huge 12.3 inch screens used as the instrument panel and infotainment system, First Class Rear Seat package with thermo cup holders that warm or cool drinks, ten speaker with optional Burmester Surround Sound, Air Balance package which has a built-in perfume dispenser and Warmth Comfort package with heated headrest, armrest, steering wheel and seats. Design details wise, retro-styled air-cond outlets, 2-spoke steering wheel, analogue clock and whole lot of stitched leather.

Safety wise, it will take me literally forever to mention all of the safety features loaded in the W222 S-Class. As starter, the W22 comes with knee airbag for the driver and seatbelt airbag for the rear passengers. Below has more detailed explanation on some of W222's safety features:

 So, here's a summary of what safety features the S-Class has:

It's amazing to see that whatever safety features that you could possibly think of are available in the S-Class. Even the steering wheel can intervene and steer on its own (by a little) when things get wrong. Scary and eye-opening at the same time. Watch this to get a better idea of how these features work:

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12 Gossips: said...

Reading this description makes me thought, this truly a safety car.

surf the business said...

It is not only a luxury car, it is safe car also

take the business said...

I should have this car. great said...

This is a business owner car. Prestige and proud is rising up when we have this car. said...

Do not forget to insurance this car if we own it.. said...

excellent more words....

SiMon Har said...

All: W222 S-Class is an awesome car isn't it? :)

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

ahem! someone getting this car any soon? :p imma get jelly!

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