November 18, 2013

WIF-KL 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre !

The World Innovation Forum - Kuala Lumpur 2013 (WIF-KL 2013) is a premier annual event on innovation, jointly organised by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and the Malaysian Innovation Foundation/Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM). I'm flattered to be invited to join the grand event as a media by, where I learnt a lot on how to be innovative from the talks and exhibition.

Check out the amount of delegates attended from local and around the world! More than 1500 delegates from over 25 countries are expected to participate in the forum!

YB Datuk Dr. Ewon Ebin officiated the WIF-KL 2013 opening ceremony by signing on the screen.

After the opening ceremony has ended, YB Datuk Dr. Ewon Ebin and the media went down to the exhibition hall to check out the booths. The exhibition hall is filled with many innovation that benefit human's lives. YB enjoyed looking at demonstration performed by the participant of the exhibition, a prove that the exhibition is fun filled too!

YB trying out the purified water!

A device that will alert the owner of the car if the car has been stolen!

Clothes made of bamboo. They are claimed to be eco-friendly, easy to clean, odourless and comfortable. Interesting!

What an innocent looking robot with cool dance move! It reminds me of Honda's ASIMO robot!

One of the oversea delegates having a body checkup by KPJ.

Printis, a Lego-like game. A model of windmill and KLCC are built out of Printis!

This is my favourite innovation where many people looked at this innovative machine inquisitively. Yes, it's a pizza vending machine! Choose the type of pizza you like, pay and voilla! Your pizza is hot from the oven, in this case, vending machine!

This reminds me of my collegemate's final year project! We must make full use of the solar energy, a renewable energy.

Renowned speakers such as Göran Persson (former Prime Minister of Sweden), Mark Gallagher (Grand Prix Motor Racing Boss) and Sugata Mitra (global education superstar) are invited to give a speech in the forum. One of the speakers mentioned that Tesla is a car manufacturer that is an example of innovation. This is because Tesla does not have an outside dealer like other car manufacturers. 

It's an eye opener to see the door gift for members of the media is a bag made of discarded banners and car seatbelts! Open the bag up and it can be used to hold envelops and even small plants! Suits well to the idea of innovation and creativity!

One of the presenters, Jason Lo (CEO of Tune Talk) remarked that if we have an innovative product, make sure we patent it and then use social media to look for investor. I think it's a great advice for young entrepreneurs! Hopefully we'll be able to see more innovation products and ideas in the next WIF-KL so that it can inspire more people to be more innovative. No wonder my lecturer highly recommended us to attend the WIF-KL exhibition last year to get some inspiration for our final year project!

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