March 09, 2014

Pray for MH370...

 Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 carrying 239 passengers is still missing, vanished off the radar as I'm typing this. It took off from KLIA and is supposed to land in Beijing, but it didn't. The plane, a Boeing 777, has been off the radar for more than 40 hours while the fuel supplied for it can only last for 7 and a half hours. Yet, no traces or debris of the aircraft has been found anywhere near the area of last contact. No distress signal, no warning from what they called as 'one of the safest jetliners'. 

 There are many speculation on what had happened. Two passengers onboard of the MH370 are imposter, where they boarded the plane using stolen passport, thus the possibility of a hijack is not ruled out. Two giant oil slicks are detected off the southern coast of Vietnam, possibly left by crashed jetliner, but no debris is found around the oil slicks. Some sources said that the MH370 was making an air turn back before the signal of the jetliner vanished completely. The plane suffered a broken wing tip in 2012, but is certified as 'safe to use' by relevant authorities. 

I'm glad that neighbouring countries are sending out troops to aid Malaysia and China in search for survivors and the jetliner. People from around the world are praying for the passengers' safe return. I'm sure many of us are paying attention to the news on TV and social media (although there are many fake news) in the weekend, eager to know the latest update on the incident. 

What the families of the passengers of MH370 are going through right now must be devastating. They can only wait and pray for their safe return, hoping for some good news from MAS and the authorities. It's the waiting that's suffocating, a speedy closure would be good for the families.

Let's #PrayForMH370

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