November 05, 2014

SPONSORED VIDEO - Toyota Innovation

Many years ago, many thought that the concept of hybrid cars is impossible, let alone hydrogen cars. Now, you can easily spot a hybrid car on the road while electric cars slowly gaining their presence. Toyota is one of the good example of car manufacturers which pushed the boundaries and made the unreachable possible. 

Founded in 1937, Toyota then introduced the first generation of Prius in 1997, a bold statement of Toyota's commitment towards producing environmental friendly hybrid vehicle. Since then, Prius is already in its 3rd generation form. Toyota Prius as well as Prius C, a smaller hybrid hatchback by Toyota can be spotted on the road of Malaysia. 

As you can see from the picture above, there are dominoes surrounding the Prius. Please watch the Dominoes video below (not Jessie J's hit song 'Domino', mind you) to get a clearer idea of how Toyota is linked to dominoes:

(You can check out more Toyota's videos and subscribe here)

Pretty amazing isn't it the video? Usually dominoes fall down, but it is the opposite in the video. Why? It shows the spirit of Toyota, picking themselves up and strive for excellence. Mass-producing hybrid cars is a good example of Toyota's perseverance in making the world a more sustainable planet.

"One great idea leads to the next"

Plug-in hybrid vehicle is then introduced to maximise efficiency of a car. Its battery can be recharged using household power outlet, and the car can be operated fully in electric mode, with no CO2 emitted from the car. If the battery is running low, the car will switch its mode into hybrid so that you won't be stranded on the road!

The latest innovation from Toyota is the Toyota FCV. Fuel Cell Vehicle produces zero emission, thanks to the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to power the electric motor. Moreover, hydrogen is abundant in our atmosphere, making it a good choice of resource to power the future of automobile. 

More details of the FCV as well as other models from Toyota can be found in Toyota's Global Website. You can like Toyota's Facebook page and follow its Google+ page to discover more on how Toyota is contributing to a cleaner environment!

*Post sponsored by Toyota, but all thoughts are our own.

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