January 03, 2012

Used Sedan Cars under RM50k !

It's 2012 now, a new year! Some will buy new cars for the new year but there are still people who want to purchase used cars. Below are some of the best buy used sedan cars that I can think of around RM50k:

You can easily get a 2000 Nissan Sentra for around RM30k now. Nissan cars are well built, so reliability should be ok after minor fixing. Some wears and tears for a cars older than 10 years are inevitable though.

If you have more cash, go for newer, facelfited Sentra. A facelifted Sentra 1.6 of year 2005 can easily be found under RM50k. Year 2004 facelifted Sentra 1.6 under RM40k is possible too!

Next up is the popular 1st generation Toyota Vios, where it is known for its fuel efficient and performance. Abundant of them are selling in the RM40k to RM45k range. If you are lucky, you can even find a facelifted Vios just under RM50k price tag!

The 2nd generation Honda City is also a worthy purchase if you are looking for a used car. No doubt that it sips fuel slowly and it is considered practical for a small sedan. The earliest batch can be found just under RM40k.

The facelifted City will come to your mind if you are not a fan of the bulbous-looking pre-facelift City. Featuring sportier and more proportional styling, the facelifted City can be found in the RM45k to RM50k price range.

Lastly will be the C-segment Toyota Corolla Altis, where the oldest batch (year 2001) can be found from RM40k to RM45k. For those who are looking for a comfortable and reliable car can go for Altis.

*Every analysis is done in January 2012 in Carlist.my website. Prices are vary according to the grades or variants of the model.

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