July 31, 2012

How To Protect Yourself With The Increasing Crime Rate?

 Of course, in my blog, we will take a look at some of the tips related to cars on how to reduce the crime rate (by changing the way that we usually live).

 #1 Install security tint

As most of you know, security tint is to hold the glass together when it is shatttered upon impact, regardless in an accident or purposely by perpetrator. The security tint will cause the glass to be sturdier, and theives might need to make few attempts to break the glass. Even if the glass breaks, the shattered glass would not break into pieces, which the sharp bits might hurt you.

#2 Traffic light

While waiting for green light at a traffic light junction, keep a distance between the car in front of you. In case if anything happen such as a motorcyclist stops beside your car trying to break your window, you'll still have some space to manoeuver. If this is not possible, just honk to alert other drivers about what is happening and to scare the motorcyclist away.

#3 Under seat tray

To keep your valuable from prying eyes, some cars are equipped with tray or storage compartment underneath or in the front passenger seat.  Make sure you put the feature into good use! If you car doesn't have this, don't put your valuables such as handbag or phone on the front passenger seat.

I got this good tip after watching a video shown on Astro AEC (Eventhough the video is spoken in Mandarin language, you'll don't have to know Mandarin to understand what the host says). Hide your handbag in between yourself and the door beside you, but make sure your bag is adjusted as low as possible to keep eyes away from you.

#4 Parking lot

A lot of crimes were committed in parking lot of shopping complex recently. Some shopping complexs installed 'panic buttons' and offer escort services in their parking area to ensure the safety of the shoppers. Don't hesitate to ask for their services! 

#5 Gas station

The rule here is very simple - Lock your car when you leave it to pay at the counter! Many things can be done by theives if you leave your car unlock, for instance, he flees with your belongings or worse, hide under the footwell of the rear seat to do bad things you can't imagine!

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MichLeong said...

Good recommendations! Really need to take self-precaution steps nowadays with the increasing crime rate. It's like a trend really.

Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

Check the back seats of your car before entering your car.

SiMon Har said...

Mich: ya, have to be catious!

Tyng: good suggestion :)

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