August 08, 2012

Honda Jazz S - RM99,800 !

 To make it clear, the new 'S' variant of the Honda Jazz stands for 'Standard', not 'Sport'. Honda Malaysia had announced the arrival of the Jazz S, a model which is Completely Built-Up (CBU) from Thailand. Other than improved styling, the Jazz S also comes with a more affordable pricing too, RM99,800 compared to RM109,800 for the previous Jazz. This means the pricing is closer to its hybrid counterpart which is priced at RM94,800.

 Exterior wise, the Jazz S get a black mesh grille, 15-inch alloys, redesigned front and rear bumper. Unlike the Jazz Hybrid, the Jazz S doesn't come with chrome finishing on the tailgate but black coloured finishing which I feel that it goes along well with the sportier exterior of the Jazz S (Are you sure 'S' does not stand for 'Sport', Honda?).

Good news is all the safety features has been retained including Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), but the Jazz S has to bear with the omission of paddle shift, cruise control, steering audio buttons, side sill garnish and exhaust pipe finisher. No changes are done to the engine, which is still the 1.5litre i-VTEC which produces 120PS and 146Nm.

The change of price, sportier outlook, compact exterior and great practicality will definitely attract plenty of youngster and ladies, and this is what Honda Malaysia should have done in the first place.

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Huai Bin said...

Yeah, I've always thought an "S" designation for automobiles always means "Sport" instead of "Standard". Unusual. :)

SiMon Har said...

haha some manufacturers did it this way XD

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