August 07, 2012

No 5-Star Rating in EuroNCAP For Cars Without AEB from 2014 !

Volvo's City Safety, Ford's Active City Stop and Honda's Collision Mitigation Brake System are common safety features found in cars. They are designed to provide Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) to cars to avoid collision with other cars or even pedestrians whenever it is possible! EU legistration had recently announced that all commercial vehicles must be fitted with AEB by November 2013, and everything else by 2014. This will benefit the consumers in getting safer vehicles on the road.

 Other than that, AEB will soon be a standard safety feature if a car want to be awarded 5-star in EuroNCAP crash test. This step is similar to current method where the assessment in Adult Occupant Protection, Child Protection, Pedestrian Protection and Safety Assist influence the overall rating of a car's crash test. This shows that a car has to fare well in every other aspect to be known as a safe car.

AEB uses sensor to detect any obstacle or pedestrian in some systems, calculates and apply the appropriate braking force to bring the car into complete halt if possible without the driver stepping on the brake pedal. Eventhough a collision is imminent in some conditions, at least AEB will be able to reduce the speed of the travelling car. It's a common knowledge that lower speed can lessen the injury of the occupant inside the car or the pedestrian outside the car, right?

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