November 23, 2012

Honda Jazz Hybrid CKD - RM89,900

 The cheapest hybrid car in Malaysia just got cheaper! The Honda Jazz Hybrid is now available in CKD form (built in Malaysia, being the first hybrid car produced in Malaysia), priced at RM89,900. It's a RM5k reduction compared to its CBU counterpart, which is previously the cheapest hybrid car in Malaysia.

 The CKD has 10% locally sourced parts and the figure is expected to increase gradually in the future. The same 1.3 litre iVTEC + IMA powerplant is used for the Jazz CKD. Minimum changes has been done to the exterior of the Jazz Hybrid CKD. Note the slightly different taillight cluster in the CKD compared to the CBU's (far below).

 Unfortunately, the CKD has some features dropped out from its list. Features such as cruise control, shift paddle, steering mounted audio button and automatic wipers are omitted. S-mode on the gear selection has been replaced with an L-mode. Signal stalk is also moved to the right side instead of left in the CBU model.

 Safety wise, it's pity to see the number of airbags has been reduced to two opposed to six in the CBU model. Rear drum brakes are fitted instead of all-round disc brake in the CBU and Hill Start Assist is omitted too. Thankfully Vehicle Stability Assist and 4 corner reverse sensor are remained for the CKD. Jazz Hybrid is now offered with a three-year or 10,000km warranty, six-month or 10,000km free service and five-year or 140,000km warranty for the IMA battery.

With so many features missing in the Jazz CKD, the extra RM5k of the CBU seems well spent and worthy enough to be the better buy. For those who prefer the Jazz CBU model can still purchase it since it's selling alongside with the CKD. But hurry because Honda will stop selling the existing CKD models when they are sold out!

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4 Gossips:

Tekkaus said...

The dashboard looks gorgeous. RM90Ks for a green car is relatively cheap. :D

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