October 06, 2013

How Honda Changed the Car Market

Soichiro Honda, the founder of the world famous car company, was born in the early 20th century. When he was a child, he had a dream to one day become the owner of the car. It is unlikely that his dream included that part of owning a titanic car industry, which will one day drastically change the car market. Soichiro Honda was destined to affect the car industry more than anyone else in the world.
Honda came to the car market in 1970 with a model named “Civic”. The company had continued to equip their models with technical innovations, gradually becoming a prophet of Japanese machinery industry. Soichiro was a rebel, and his rebellious views turned out to be a salvation. In 1974 oil crisis struck Japan and the Japanese manufacturers have agreed to reduce production and raise prices. Only Honda refused and did the very opposite, giving tribute to the tradition of Henry Ford. Soichiro did the unthinkable, denying the existing economical models which stated that the production should be reduced, he took a risk, and he won a jackpot. Honda has doubled his production rates and cut prices to make them one of the lowest on the market, basically repeating Henry Ford’s deed fifty years ago. Honda had no economical education, he had no idea about the correlation of prices, its flexibleness, but his shot was worth jeopardy. The range of sales for Nissan and Toyota fell by 40 percents, the Honda sales rose by 76 percent and continued to grow swiftly. By 1987 Honda has become the fastest growing company in the world.
The next revolution was made in 1987 when in the Honda Civic of the fourth generation for the first time among the vehicles of this class were used engines with variable valve timing and degree of valve opening (VTEC).
So there is no wonder, that Honda and his cars have many followers and admirers, just like Henry Ford did once. Honda knew that a car is nothing more, than a car. He never wanted it to be more than a way to transport quickly and comfortably from one place to another, so it comes with no surprise that his cars are so in demand on the market of used cars.
vCars, a British company which sells the most qualitative and comfortable cars with highly differed pricing, gives its tribute to Soichiro Honda, as well. Today Honda is available for 8 -series car in two kinds of body: hatchback and sedan. We in vCars understand a great demand for Honda cars, we know the market and we respect his legacy. That is why vCars Hondas are all exquisite and cheap, just as Soichiro would have like them to be.
Throughout its history the model has been quite successful and colorful way, and it is certainly not the end. vCars knows that Honda will constantly be bathed in the glory and recognition, and, therefore, in the greatest demand. vCars Hondas are here, in all their variety, availability, quality and affordability.

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