January 14, 2014

11th Gen Toyota Corolla Altis is Coming to Malaysia !

 Toyota Corolla has come a long, long way since 1966, when the 1st generation of Toyota Corolla is born. It has become the world's best selling car by 1997, it is so popular not without good reason. It has bullet-proof reliability and comfort which put many of its competitors to shame. 

We can still find many 8th generation (1995) Toyota Corolla serving their owners after so many years. 9th generation too, with the earliest batch dated about 13 years ago (launched in 2001 in Malaysia), can be found parked in front of houses, where the owners are still reluctant to let it go despite the better 10th generation has been selling in Malaysia for 6 years. With also a 9th generation Altis parked in my front porch, I can understand why. 

10th generation Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0V:

Toyota took its chances when designing the 11th generation Corolla Altis, believing the previously conservative design has to be changed, and it's a job well done. Launching in Malaysia next week, it will be available in 3 variants - 1.8E, 2.0G and 2.0V. The 1.6 litre variant is noticeably missing, probably Toyota Malaysia realised the main sellers are the 1.8 litre and 2.0 litre variants. Price starts from RM114k for the 1.8E, RM123k for the 2.0G and RM136k for the 2.0V, all on-the-road with insurance. 

Buyers can choose an optional 'Additional Safety Package' for the 2.0V, increasing the price to RM139k. The package includes 7 airbags (2 front, 2 side, 2 curtain and knee airbag) and passenger seat belt warning indicator. This means the 1.8E, 2.0G and 2.0V are equipped with only 2 airbags while the 2.0V is the only variant that has Vehicle Stability Control (VSC).

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