November 29, 2012

EuroNCAP - Dacia Lodgy Received 3 Stars

 The latest batch of crash test result is released by EuroNCAP. This round of crash test consists of 15 cars, all gain a maximum of 5 stars in the test except for Dacia Lodgy, a MPV which only received 3 stars out of 5. It is sad to say that the Dacia Lodgy performed below average in the areas of safety, especially that it's an MPV where safety is important in protecting the lives of the occupants.

 In the frontal impact, the A-pillar deformed greatly and the roof was bent in front of the B-pillar, showing weakness in its structure's integrity. The rear passenger floor panel and tunnel are separated too, and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is not made standard for the Lodgy. For your info, cars without ESC on 85% of the models sold will not be awarded a maximum of 5 stars by EuroNCAP.

EuroNCAP praised Ford's MyKey in the Fiesta, where the car's maximum speed and maximum audio volume can be programmed by the parents before the key is handed to their children.

3rd generation Hyundai Santa Fe SUV achieved the highest mark among the 15 crash tested cars. The all-new 7th generation Volkswagen Golf also performed well in this round of crash test. EuroNCAP highlighted the importance of driver aid technologies and how well the Golf is equipped with them. Volkswagen Golf comes with Multi Collision Brake, Proactive Occupant Protection, Front Assist and Lane Keeping Assist as standard.

 However, the Golf missed out on a rear seatbelt reminder, which is a common feature in today's cars. EuroNCAP advised Volkswagen to fit the Golf with that particular feature.

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Angela said...

I'm glad that someone post results of crash testing. I never see that anymore and it could be very useful when finding new customers because everyone wants a safe vehicle.

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Angela: and I'm glad that you've paid a visit here :)

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